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Performance Update as of 6.30.2023

Working Cantor/Soloist Documents

  • Contribution Calculation Form - Fill out and submit this form (don't forget to include your executive director's and your signatures) at least once per calendar year, and anytime you change jobs or salary.
  • New Enrollee Guide to Getting Started - Everything you need to sign up for the ACC Retirement Plans
  • Beneficiary Designation Form - Complete this form and return it to Fidelity when adding or updating your beneficiaries.
  • Transfer/Rollover/Exchange Form - Complete and submit this form to Fidelity when processing a rollover of funds from another eligible retirement plan into the ACC Retirement Plan.
  • Supplemental Distribution Election Form - If you have funds in the Supplemental Plan, use this form to declare a deferral of distributions past one's retirement date (or change of employers after age 59 1/2 years of age). Make sure to submit it one (1) full year prior to your retirement date.
  • IRS Publication 517 - Information on clergy tax status.

Employer Documents

  • Employer Adoption Agreement - New Employer? Fill out the Employer Adoption Agreement to be a participating employer in the ACC Retirement Plan. Completing and returning this form is commits you to abiding by the ACC Plan dcouments and IRS regulations.
  • SCP User Manual - Instructions on how to use the Simplified Contribution Platform.
  • IRS Elective Deferral Rules

Retirement Documents


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