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Notes Worth Knowing
September 2, 2020

Dear congregational leadership,

All of you – clergy and synagogue professionals, board members and volunteers.

Thank you. You are extraordinary. You have made decisions about things that didn’t exist six months ago. You’ve created new pathways for engagement and pivoted to new forms of programming and virtual experiences. You’ve

Notes Worth Knowing
Cantor Rachel Stock Spilker, Cantor Hollis Schachner, and Sara Stock Mayo
May 29, 2020

George Floyd was murdered under the knees of a police officer, along with three accomplices.  In many faith traditions, knees are used to bend in reverence to holiness.  Reverend Ted Tollefson inspired my sisters and me to write this piece from the Jewish perspective as we head into the festival of Shavuot.

-- Hollis Schachner, Sara

Notes Worth Knowing
Cantor Bat-Ami Moses
April 6, 2020

I have always loved Jack Johnson's very catchy song, "Three is the magic number!"  Though, on Passover Seder night we all know that it is not three, but rather the number four that is clearly the magical one. There are four names for Passover,  "Z'man Heruteynu" (Season of our Freedom) "Hag Hapesah" (Festival of the pesah sacrifice) "Hag

Member Post
Cantor Gail Hirschenfang
March 26, 2020

Five PHRASES to try to AVOID in a Limited-Service Contract
If you have a limited-service agreement with your synagogue, do everything you can to make sure that it is accompanied by a very detailed job description.

In that written agreement, do everything you can to avoid the following phrases:

Cantor Plonit will perform XXX

Notes Worth Knowing
February 12, 2020

The Color Love, a Story of a Mixed-Race Jewish Girl
An unforgettable story about what you inherit from your family—identity, disease, melanin, hate, and most powerful of all, love.

The ACC-GTM convention committee is pleased to announce the addition of Marra B. Gad to the June 2020 San Diego Convention program. Marra will be