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Great cantors never stop learning. There are always more skills to master, more questions to ask, more scholarship to digest, more melodies to sing! The ACC seeks to engage our members in the continual process of improving ourselves and our craft through a comprehensive program of professional development – and that program is centered here.


July 14, 2020: 1:00pm

The time to get started on making virtual choir videos for the High Holidays is RIGHT NOW! Judy Adelman Gershon and David Gershon will walk us through the steps of making physically-distanced videos for choirs and other ensembles. In addition to their roles as cantorial soloists, they have a long career as music and video producers and have used...

July 15, 2020: 1:00pm

Pending session: Talk on Singing Risks and Mitigation With Dr. Ed Septimus

This session is open to members in good standing of the ACC.

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July 21, 2020: 12:00pm

Want to create your own virtual choir video? This webinar is for ACC Members who have a relatively new Mac, Final Cut Pro and recording software (Logic Pro X recommended). We will go through the basic steps of creating a virtual choir video with Q&A at the end.

This session is open to ACC and GTM members in good standing and will be r...

July 23, 2020: 1:00pm

Cantor Jason Kaufman is a leader in the Reform movement in the work of civic engagement and social justice.  In 2018 he was the national co-chair of the URJ Civic Engagement Campaign and in 2019 created the 2019 Virginia Civic Engagement Campaign with a leadership group at Beth El Hebrew Congregation in Alexandria VA, where he has served since 2...

July 29, 2020: 1:00pm

We will study a passage in the Zohar that focuses on the sefirotic and erotic significance of the Shema. The mystical purpose of this central prayer is to stimulate zivvuga qaddisha, the sacred union of the divine couple: Shekhinah and the Holy One, blessed be He.

This session is open to members of the ACC and GTM.

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August 4, 2020: 1:00pm

The window for primary language acquisition closes by the time we turn five years old. After that, it is possible to internalize a language and even become fluent - but learning it will forever be a life-long journey. Knowing this was the single greatest deterrent as I began my doctoral studies in Keyboard Collaborative Arts; how would I ever be...

Convention Programming

Boker Tov! Kavanah with Cantor Marsha Attie!Thank you and greetings from GTM President, Marla Aviva Bentley

Convention Programming

The Institute for Jewish Spirituality offers a broad and deep program to support your connection to practice, through meditation, mindfulness, singing, prayer, study, yoga, spiritual direction, and tikkun middot.  Cantor Richard Cohn of the IJS faculty guides us through a session of practice and shares the latest info from the Institute.

Convention Programming

A discussion on creating a meaningful and comfortable retirement. Cantor Gail Hirschenfang, Cantor Janice Roger, and Dr. Michael Freidman

Convention Programming

Mincha led by Rabbi-Cantor Alison Wissot, Temple Judea, Tarzana, CA. Joined by several ACC and GTM members with connections to California.

Join Bob Remstein, co-chair, as we bring this portion of the virtual convention to a close.

Convention Programming

Dr. Tali Tadmor will analyze the individual elements of song accompaniment beginning with structural elements such as rhythmic feel, harmony and melody, performance elements such as dynamics and articulation, and ensemble and stylistic elements.

Convention Programming

Moderated by Bob Remstein