Ma’alot Limmud: Professional Development Recognition


The ACC will recognize its members who engage in continuing study. You will get credit for what you are already doing by simply letting us know!

What Counts?

Any study not occurring in the normal preparation for our daily work. For example:  workshops, seminars, ACC conventions and CCPD offerings, music lessons, coachings, Chevrutah study, retreats and scholarly lectures, college courses and course work leading to accreditation. Questions? Ask!  Contact us at


Fill out our PD Submission Form and tell use what you've been studying! A minimum of 3 hours in at least two categories (more about this below) is required for all recognition levels.

The levels are:

• L’vavcha:  18 hours-to be completed in one year
• Nafsh’cha: 36 hours-can be completed in either one or two years
• M’odecha: 72 hours-can be completed in either one or two years

The categories are:

There are 8 categories of focus:

• Morim--Teachers
• Z'marim--Musicians
• Sh'mashim--Steward of our Tradition
• Morei Derech--Spiritual Guides
• Chazzanim--Leaders
• G'bayim--Managers
• Yo'eitzim--Counselors
• Sh'lichim--Advocates

Your submission is on the honor system since this is a program of recognition not certification.


The cycle will run from January 1 through December 31 each year.  You can submit hours as they occur, periodically or you can submit them all at the end of the year. All PD hours must be submitted no later than March 1 of a year the convention occurs in June/July.


This program is open to all members in good standing.


Because the Cantorate of the 21st century demands multi-dimensional professionals.