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**Electronic Contributions Required as of 2017**

Contributions made easier with Fidelity's Simplified Contribution Platform (SCP)!

Fidelity’s Simplified Contribution Platform is finally here. 

We are excited to offer you access to a secure and easy way to submit your plan contributions to Fidelity. The new online contribution processing has been implemented as an alternative to the Plan Sponsor Webstation (PSW) process that you are using today. 

We listened to your comments regarding PSW and are migrating all PSW users to the new SCP platform. The ACC understands that employers making the contributions on behalf of our members are busy! Dealing with another complicated system is the last thing they want to add to their plate. That is why we are migrating all PSW users to SCP! There is minimal set up required at the onset, and then SCP memorizes the previous contribution amounts entered to help streamline your process. From the second contribution forward, it only takes five (5) clicks to make a contribution! Those who have been using SCP are ecstatic about the ease and intuitive nature of the site. 

Jill - Bookkeeper said " I was hesitant to switch to a new system, as PSW was tough to get used to. However, once I did switch I regretted not having done it sooner! I love that after making the first contribution, the amounts are stored under the correct source and I only need to make changes when the contribution amounts change! Being able to schedule a contribution accommodates my part time work schedule, allowing me to make all contributions exactly when I want to, regardless of my work hours and I don't worry about forgetting."

You are encouraged to follow the prompts in the email from Fidelity, which includes your temporary password, that you received, as PSW will only be available for a limited amount of time. Once you have logged in to SCP successfully and updated your password, add a funding method right away as it takes Fidelity 10 business days to verify each new bank account added before it is available for use. After the bank account is verified, enjoy the simple contribution process! Lost the email sent to you (all PSW user ? No problem, just enter your email and  select "forgot your password" to create a new password. Are you a brand new user in our system? Just select "New User" on the login page and fill out the form. The Retirement and Group Benefits Administrator will receive an email and approve your access!

Fidelity Simplified Contribution Platform (SCP)
Simplified Contribution Platform Website
Customer Service Hours 8AM-6PM EST
Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-917-4369
Customer Service Email
SCP User Manual User Manual
SCP Division Code (required for New User form) Contact Retirement and Group Benefits Administrator for division code

Contact information for the Retirement and Group Benefits Administrator:

Call: 847-781-7800, ext 302 from 9:00AM to 5PM CST (M-Thurs), 9:00AM to 4PM CST (Friday)
Fax: 847-781-7801

IRS Contribution limits

Section 415 of the Internal Revenue Code provides for dollar limitations on benefits and contributions under qualified retirement plans. Section 415(d) requires that the Secretary of the Treasury annually adjust these limits for cost‑of‑living increases. Other limitations applicable to deferred compensation plans are also affected by these adjustments under Section 415. Under Section 415(d), the adjustments are to be made pursuant to adjustment procedures which are similar to those used to adjust benefit amounts under Section 215(i)(2)(A) of the Social Security Act.

Should you choose to exceed the limits the excess should be deposited into your non-qualified Supplemental Plan account by your employer.

Retirement Plan Limits 2020

Under 50 years of age:

Elective Deferral or Salary Deferral Contributions $19,500 (or 100% of the participant's taxable salary, whichever is less).
Annual Maximum Employer Contribution $57,000 (may include up to $19,500 of individual salary deferral contributions.

Over 50 years of age:

Additional Catch-up Contribution $6,500 in addition to the basic limit on salary deferrals for a $26,000 total limit to salary deferral contributions (or 100% of the participant's taxable salary, whichever is less).                   

Annual Maximum Employer Contribution $63,500 (may include up to $25,000 of individual salary deferral contributions).

*Note: total contribution cannot exceed salary (parsonage not included).


Forms and Documents

ACC Participating Employer Adoption Agreement - fill out when first hiring a ACC Cantor

ACC Retirement Plan Enrollment Guide - for all participants, congregations and financial advisors; includes investment options and commonly asked questions

SCP User Manual - instructions on how to add a funding source, make a contribution and more

IRS Elective Deferral Rules - a brief description of responsibilities, rules, and regulations from the IRS (check out the last section of the page titled "When must the plan sponsor send elective deferrals to the vendor?")

Contributions Calculation Form - for all contributing participants, to be completed each year and returned to the ACC office by email, mail or fax by November 30th of every year

Contributions Tracking Worksheet - for congregations to keep track of the contributions made to their cantor's Retirement Plan, especially helpful when salary deferrals are elected

71280 Retirement Plan Document

71280 Retirement Summary Plan Description

71281 Supplemental Plan Document

71281 Supplemental Summary Plan Description