Welcome to the ACC Retirement Plan!

Whether you are already retired, retiring soon or retirement is years away; to live well in retirement depends on how carefully you plan, save and invest. It starts with a personally-tailored and periodically revisited financial plan, requires on-going review of your financial situation and goals, and the discipline to stick to your strategy.

Regardless of whether you started investing for retirement when you were young or if you're playing catch-up now, taking part in tax-deferred savings opportunities, like those available in the American Conference of Cantors Retirement Plan, a 403(b)9 Qualified Church Plan, may be one way to assist you in reaching your goals.

The ACC sponsors a 403(b)(9) Qualified Church Plan for all eligible members to benefit from. Being a qualified church plan provides participants the opportunity to claim parsonage/minister housing allowance in retirement, something that regular 403b plans are unable to offer.   

The ACC Retirement Plan is also pleased to be a member of the Church Benefits Association and Church Alliance. Both organizations provide vital information and opportunities to work with other Faith Based retirement plan providers. 

Questions? Contact the Retirement & Group Benefits Administrator for American Conference of Cantors at 847-781-7800  or email: