Long Term Disability Insurance Enrollment


ACC members who work 30 hours or more per week for a single employer are eligible to enroll. 

New ACC members must enroll within the first 31 days of ACC membership for guarantee issue. To enroll, fill out the enrollment kit for new participants to completion and return it to Group Benefits Associates, contact information below.

Existing ACC members may enroll at any time. Submission of a Medical History Statement Form is required and is subject to insurance carrier approval. 

Please read the Benefits At a Glance and Summary Plan Description for the Long Term Disability Insurance, complete the required enrollment forms and return to Group Benefit Associates in suburban Chicago. To remain eligible for these benefits, you must be working a minimum of 30 hours per week. Please notify GBA if your eligibility or annual earnings should change in the future.

** Important Reminder ** - If you were to become disabled and your employer made the LTD coverage payments or reimbursed you for the LTD coverage payments, disability benefits would be taxable. If you made the LTD payments and your congregation reimbursed you, disability benefits would be taxable to you if your employer did not make any adjustment to your payroll to account for the reimbursement of the fringe benefit. You should be aware that if your LTD benefits are taxable, you also may be liable for your share of social security taxes.

If you pay the premium with your own post-tax dollars, disability benefits would not be subject to income taxes or social security taxes. Please consult with your financial advisor for further questions regarding this issue.

For specific information regarding policy benefits, enrollment, and premiums, contact the ACC's third party insurance administrator, Group Benefit Associates (GBA). All enrollment forms are to be returned to Group Benefit Associates to be considered:

Group Benefit Associates (GBA)  
Address 1701 E. Lake Avenue, Suite 400
Glenview, IL 60025
Telephone 1-800-450-1271
Fax 1-773-427-6875
Email CustomerService@groupba.com
Hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Central

For general information about the ACC's group insurance offerings:

Insurance Plan Administrator: insurance@accantors.org
American Conference of Cantors
Telephone: 847-781-7800

For more about the American Conference of Cantors' Long Term Disability and Life insurance carrier, visit The Standard Insurance Company.