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Retirement FAQ

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What You Always Wanted to Know But Never Asked About Your ACC Retirement Plan

About Our Board

What is the composition of the ACC Retirement Plan Board?

Presently, there are seven regular members of the ACC Retirement Plan Board of Trustees. Each trustee serves by appointment of the ACC Executive Board. The Retirement Plan Board elects a Chair from amongst its membership. The present make-up of the ACC Retirement Plan Board: 5 Regular Members of the ACC and 3 Financial Industry Professionals. Ex-Officio members include: a Plan Administrator, Legal Counsel, ACC Chief Operating Officer, and ACC Executive Board Officer.


David Goldstein, Chair - 847-436-4108
Richard Cohn
Vicky Glikin
Marcy Kadin
Lay Members:

Phyllis Berman
Dennis J. Drescher
Steve Sacks


Parsonage in Retirement - Top 10 Questions and Answers

Before retirement, every cantor must know how to retain the parsonage allowance in retirement. This document should assist you in gathering that information. Occasionally, retired members of the ACC have questions regarding non-taxable distributions for parsonage from the ACC Retirement and Supplemental Plans. While we cannot address the particulars of any individual’s tax situation, this article explains our understanding of the federal tax laws as they relate to housing allowances provided to retired cantors.

This is not intended to be tax advice and you should consult your own legal and tax advisors for information about your particular tax situation.

Parsonage Article to Share with you Financial Planner

Parsonage in Retirement - for Advisors

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