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"It’s important to surround yourself with people that can support you in a positive way. Once you begin to be seen and heard, you need to do the same to someone else. When someone looks up to you and holds your words as true, then you are being seen and heard." ~ Dr. Gregory Ellison

We realize there are cantors outside of the Continental U.S. As the numbers are small, with the exception of Toronto, we are currently considering those folks part of our "isolated cantors" region. 

Please email us with your updates.

ACC Cantors Connections Meetings

It is truly a b'racha to have a job that you love, that is meaningful and fulfilling. Being able to have frequent discussions with, or turning to readily available peers who fully understand the wonders and challenges that come with our position, is an essential component for success in our role as a cantor. Sharing different perspectives is often the key to arriving at decisions and answers.

However, geography can make this extremely difficult, and as a result there are cantors who feel isolated, disconnected and frustrated.

The ACC is sensitive to this situation and is excited and proud to present an initiative that will help connect cantors in isolated regions by having regularly scheduled on-line gatherings.

There is no reason for anyone to ever feel isolated.

We encourage you to join us for our next meeting offered at two different times. Visit the Upcoming Classes page for the dates and times.

We hope that collectively, you and your peers, working in conjunction with our ACC Professional Development Team, can foster meetings that will not only be socially enjoyable, but will prove to be a beneficial professional development tool.