Travel to Eastern Europe with the ACC & Ayelet Tours Poland & Prague

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Travel to Eastern Europe with the ACC & Ayelet Tours Poland & Prague

ACC 2021 Mission to Poland and Prague for July 7-16, 2021

In partnership with Ayelet Tours, the ACC Travel Committee is pleased to bring this exciting travel opportunity to Poland and Prague for all ACC and GTM members and your congregations.

Join the soaring voices of the American Conference of Cantors on a unique journey, as together we sing, pray, and explore through Europe. Ours will be a mission of music and healing, featuring gala concerts, outstanding scholarship, connections with local communities, and unforgettable touring geared towards cantors and congregants alike.

On this journey, we will:

  • Delight in concerts featuring Jewish music deeply rooted in Europe,interpreted by the Cantors of the ACC.
  • Explore Polish and Czech Jewish history, visiting amazing sites and the new POLIN Museum.
  • Meet the local Jewish visionaries that are rebuilding European Jewry today.

Remember, for every 10 people traveling in an ACC or GTM member delegation, the tour leader will receive a FREE LAND PACKAGE. If you have 5 people, you'll receive 50% off your land package (reductions based on double occupancy and category booked). Additional "free land trip credits" can be applied to flight costs. Airfare will be publicized once available in August 2020 if not sooner.

Ayelet Tours is also offering 2 promotions to encourage groups to attend:

  1. $100 early bird discount for anyone signing up before March 31st.
  2. Any cantors setting up a flyer for the 2021 tour in advance of the 2020 convention are eligible for our $500 discount raffle, drawn at the convention.

To see the current draft itinerary, click here

To create your PERSONALIZED ACC 2021 FLYER (See a sample flyer HERE), click here to send an email with the following information:

  1. Your preferred level of hotel - Super Deluxe or Deluxe. We request you choose one so we can keep your group together throughout the tour. You can review the pricing/hotel options here
  2. If you are traveling as a cantor without a group, please request our special "cantors only" pricing at reduced rates! Note: price reduction will be applied to your reservation after you book.
  3. A picture of you for the flyer.

You'll receive the flyer electronically, which you can then post to your synagogue website, email to potential registrants or print locally. We'll also add you to the list of cantors bringing groups on the online registration page.

If you have any questions, please be in touch with Doron at Ayelet Tours. 

We're looking forward to bringing the ACC's music to Eastern Europe in the summer of 2021!