American Conference of Cantors Promote Director to COO & Hire Additional Staff for 2016

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American Conference of Cantors Promote Director to COO & Hire Additional Staff for 2016

The American Conference of Cantors (ACC) a non-profit organization that supports and cultivates excellence among cantors and strengthens Reform Jewish life in North America, has announced the promotion and contract extension of Rachel Roth to Chief Operating Officer. Roth will serve as COO for the ACC through July 2021.

Roth, a native of Chicago, joined the ACC in August 2007 and has overseen the growth and transition of the organization over the last nine years, including its acquisition of Transcontinental Music Publications (TMP) last year. She is responsible for the operations of the ACC, their affiliate organization the Guild of Temple Musicians, the annual professional development conference and has oversight of the ACC retirement and insurance plans.

“I am pleased and honored to continue my work and relationship with the ACC,” Roth said. “The work of the ACC has changed so much over the last nine years and has expanded in ways we could never have anticipated. The addition of Transcontinental Music Publications has been an exciting challenge and I look forward to being part of the team who will share the music and operations with an even larger audience.”

In addition to extending Roth’s contact, the ACC has hired Joel Eglash as Director of Transcontinental Music. Eglash brings a wealth of experience in music publication, composition, and creative work such as website design and implementation to the ACC. Last December, Stacey Berliner was added to the TMP team to assist with sales and customer service.

Rounding out the new staff are two new hires: Abigail Pickus and Stacey Delcau, who begin their tenure with the ACC on August 1, 2016. Pickus, an experienced writer and reporter, will assume the role of Communications Manager for the organization. She will work closely with the communications committee. Delcau will be the ACC’s Professional Development Coordinator responsible for working with the volunteer professional development committee to steer the education offerings both online and at annual conventions.

“As ACC cantors see their positions change to accommodate the needs of the Jewish community, the ACC is changing to respond to the needs of our members,” said new ACC President Cantor Steven Weiss. “We feel that our staff complement the work of our volunteers to maintain a vibrant, relevant organization.”

Founded in 1953, The ACC, through its support for and cultivation of excellence among cantors, strengthens Reform Jewish life in North America. ACC cantors are equipped to be attentive to the joys and challenges that members within a congregation face over the course of their lives, using both their unique calling to music and prayer and their shared responsibilities for offering spiritual leadership to congregations. ACC members also can help lead their congregations and by extension, the Reform Jewish movement in North America, to a bright future.

The ACC maintains rigorous standards for ordination/certification, offers deep support for the professional needs of cantors, advocates with passion for the evolving role of the cantorial vocation, and cultivates ever-increasing professional excellence among its members.