ACC to Sponsor Women of the Wall 25th Annversary Trip

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ACC to Sponsor Women of the Wall 25th Annversary Trip

The American Conference of Cantors, by unanimous proclamation, voted during their June 30, 2013, Executive Board meeting, to sponsor and support the Women of the Wall 25th anniversary mission with a donation of $1,000.

Cantor Jennifer Frost, member of the planning team, commented, "I am so excited to take this back the core team. They will be so thrilled with the overwhelming support of the ACC for this important mission."

The WOW trip will take place November 3-November 6, 2013 (30 Cheshvan-3 Kislev 5773) with options to stay for Shabbat on either side of the celebration.

Join women from all over the world to celebrate the accomplishments of Women of the Wall, commemorating 25 years of struggle and courage at the Western Wall, the symbol of Jewish independence in the land of Israel.

Highlights of the trip include:
• Seminars with leading scholars on a wide-range of issues
• High-level meetings with influential members of Knesset
• Several touring options in and around Jerusalem
• A Gala Celebration Dinner

If you are interested in leading your own delegation
please contact:
Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser at:
E-mail :