ACC Begins Efforts to Fund 'Mikraei Kodesh: Music for Sacred Occasions'

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ACC Begins Efforts to Fund 'Mikraei Kodesh: Music for Sacred Occasions'

We have all seen the posts on Facebook. “Does anyone have a suggestion for a song to honor my retiring Rabbi?” “Help! I need a song for Friday when we are honoring our executive director.” “Anyone have any music for Veterans’ Shabbat, Gay Pride Shabbat or Breast Cancer Shabbat?” Rarely does a week pass by when we aren’t picking our collective brain for songs like these for special occasions.

I am pleased to announce the publication of Mikraei Kodesh: Music for Sacred Occasions. This volume of new and previously published compositions will fill our ongoing need for music for “Sacred moments in Sacred Space in Sacred Time with Sacred People.”

I am inviting you to be a part of this exciting project. We envision Mikraei Kodesh to be an invaluable asset to any library. I hope that you will review the enclosed brochure and participate in this effort at whatever level you are able. Funds raised will pay for the publication and replenish funds that the ACC has used to revive and sustain Transcontinental Music Publications. Your support will help guarantee the future of Jewish Music! There are dedication opportunities at many levels and all donors will be recognized.

We appreciate your ongoing support for the ACC and for TMP! Download the brochure for more information. To participate in this exciting book, download the pledge card or visit the donation page

Claire Franco
Vice President of Internal Policy & Administration
Chair, Transcontinental Music Publications