Monday-Wednesday, December 11-13, 12:30 to 5:30 ET

Most placement years, we have several pulpits in need of interim cantors or interim sole-spiritual leaders. Interim clergy face unique challenges and blessings during these single-year posts. For colleagues who are retired, approaching retirement, desire less traditional pulpit work, or the adventure and privilege of leading congregations through transition, interim work may be appropriate.

The Intentional Interim Rabbi or Cantor partners with synagogue leaders and staff to prepare a congregation for the arrival and success of new, long-term clergy. This innovative professional training builds on a Jewish foundation to provide necessary relational skills for successful assessment, analysis, intervention, and leave-taking.    

This training is led by Rabbi Dennis Ross and Rabbi Alan Berlin. Dennis serves on the Interim Ministry Network faculty and is an experienced interim rabbi. Rabbi Alan Berlin is Director of Search Services for the CCAR.

At this time, the ACC does not require interim training to serve an interim position. This training is required for CCAR members seeking interim work. We believe this training will benefit any cantor serving as an interim cantor or sole-spiritual leader. 

We are grateful to our partners at the CCAR for opening this vital training to ACC members. There is a $360 fee to participate.

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