Fulfillment in Retirement: Webinar with Paul Kadin, professional retirement coach

Man with grey hair and glasses smiling at the camera. Wearing a blue blazer and white collared shirt.

We all want to be happy and fulfilled when we retire.  But that is not as easy as you may think.  When we lose the routine, the relationships, the sense of self esteem that comes from our cantorial work, it can be very disorienting.  It does not need to be that way if we take some time for self-reflection, learning and planning in our pre-retirement years (and in our early retirement years as well).  Join Paul Kadin, Certified Professional Retirement Coach (and husband of Cantor Marcy Kadin) in a seminar on the path to a purposeful, fulfilling retirement, specifically post cantorial careers.  This webinar is for you if you are 5 years from retirement or already retired, though it is never too early to begin planning your life after full-time cantorial work, so all are welcome.

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