ACC Policy on Organizational Statements

As clergy committed to Judaism and Jewish Music, the membership of the American Conference of Cantors serves the diverse needs of the Jewish people. ACC members themselves represent a large range of political affiliations and religious observance. As the ACC mission statement states, “The American Conference of Cantors supports its members in their sacred calling as emissaries for Judaism and for Jewish music.” The board and officers of the ACC represent the elected governing body of the ACC membership. The ACC mission statement affirms that the “ACC leadership draws upon the energies and aspirations of its individual members, while responding to the expressed needs of the larger membership and the Reform Movement.” The ACC Constitution, By-Laws and Policy Manual represent the mutual trust upon which the officers, board and general membership of the ACC depend.

During annual plenary meetings, resolutions may be presented by the ACC board for discussion and approval to the ACC membership regarding a variety of issues.

In addition, issues periodically present themselves in a critical manner. The leadership of the ACC may believe it necessary to issue immediate, carefully considered and deliberate statements on behalf of the Conference, in response to such issues.

Our quickly-shifting world often demands swift responses. In the absence of on-site meetings, conference calls and general plenary sessions, the membership of the ACC depends upon the officers and board to provide transparent and aligned guidance and vision, to speak on behalf of and to add ACC members’ voices to public conversation, and to give our members the tools to do the same. In this way, the ACC leadership strengthens the opportunities to support both our members and our organizational mission.

Responding quickly and sensitively is not a power to be taken lightly, and certainly not to be misused; it is essential that we rely on our leadership for timely responses.

The ACC Communications Committee suggests that the following be included in the ACC Manual of Policies and Procedures:

Periodically – and at the discretion of the ACC board and/or officers – organizational statements may be formulated and disseminated by the leadership of the ACC on issues that the leadership believes are time-sensitive and critical to both the Cantorate and the Jewish world. These statements will be issued in the name of the sitting president of the ACC and members of the senior staff.