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Offering spiritual leadership and sacred music to Reform congregations throughout the world.

Ten Minutes of Torah
Vayeishev Sermon 2017

So, tell me if this story sounds familiar. A powerful person, well known in our Jewish community, commits sexual indiscretions with a powerless victim at will, but condemns the victim when their involvement threatens the offender’s honor and prestige. Who are we talking about here?

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The American Conference of Cantors (ACC) is pleased to announce the next scholar-in-residence for the June 2018 joint convention with their affiliate, the Guild of Temple Musicians (GTM) to be held in Dallas, Texas.

Meet an ACC Cantor

If I, who grew up singing at temple, involved in Jewish camping, with a strong sense of Judaism, didn’t become a cantor, then who would?!

— Cantor Lizzie Weiss