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Dear Colleague:

Please find your dues invoice for 5782 attached here. Our fiscal year begins on August 1, 2021, at which time ACC membership dues are payable. Our organization is highly dependent on dues for our programming and services and paying in a timely manner will help ensure the continuation of our Conference offerings without interruption. 

I encourage you, if you are able, to make additional contributions to the ACC so that those members who find themselves in financial difficulty can remain a part of our community. On the dues invoice you will find an invitation to support the Chesed Fund and Enhanced Dues, both of which support our colleagues in need.

Please contact me if you have financial concerns regarding your dues or need to make payment arrangements; I will do whatever I can to assist you with your unique situation. All conversations are held in appropriate confidence. You can reach me by email or phone, both of which can be found beneath my signature, below.

Dues are considered late if not paid by October 31 and will be assessed a 10% fee. If your congregation pays your dues, it is your responsibility to turn this invoice in to the proper office for payment. Your dues must be current, or you must actively make arrangements with me by October 31 in order to be considered a member in good standing and remain eligible for membership privileges. Access to services such as Placement, Contract Support, the ACC Retirement Plan, ACC website “members only” sections, or Yammer will be put on hold until payment or arrangements have been made. Dues and late fees not paid by December 31 may result in suspension of your ACC membership.

The ACC recommends you review the ACC’s Guidelines for Discretionary Fund Usage and your synagogue’s policies before deciding to use discretionary funds for the payment of your ACC dues. Donations via your discretionary fund are always welcome.

Please return funds for your dues payment and any donations in the enclosed self-addressed envelope or make your payment through credit card or electronic check (ACH) payment on our website. If you have any questions regarding this invoice, please feel free to contact me. An explanation of Friends of Transcontinental Music and the ARZA Clergy Membership can be found on the back of this page.

Thank you for your membership in the American Conference of Cantors! You are a valued member of our community.



Cantor Jamie Marx, ACC Treasurer

Definition of Membership Categories for ACC Dues Payment

Regular Member: Except for the subcategories defined below, this status refers to a Member who is working in a full-time or part-time capacity in cantorial/clergy activities or Jewish music- related fields on a regular or periodic basis.

ACC/CA Dual Member: A Dual Member is a Regular Member who is serving a conservative congregation and paying full CA dues. This status requires documentation of CA dues payment to be submitted with the ACC dues form.

Retired Member: A Retired Member is a Regular Member whose primary source of income stems from pension and/or personal retirement funds or the like.

Sustaining Member: A Sustaining Member is a Regular Member whose primary source of income during the dues year is not related to cantorial or clergy activities or Jewish music, and who is not a Retired Member.

Associate Member: This category is identical to Associate Membership as defined in the ACC Constitution, Article V, Section 2.

Friends of Transcontinental Music

The accomplishments and achievements since acquiring TMP have been truly remarkable and are a tribute to the hard work and dedication of many members of the ACC. Supported by the TMP editorial committee, along with a score of volunteers, TMP is poised to find its new wings and take flight. We invite you to be a part of this endeavor for the future of Jewish Music.

All donors to the Friends of Transcontinental Music will be acknowledged in accordance with the ACC Donor Recognition Policy and through future TMP publications.

ARZA Clergy Membership

Together we are stronger! By joining ARZA, you and your congregation join a strong community of Reform Jewish voices—committed to Zionism and working in unison to build a more pluralistic and democratic Israel.

Benefits of Membership:
• Newsletters, Webinars, & Online Tools
• Access to ARZA Guest Speakers from Israel
• Programs & Materials for Your Congregation
• Special Holiday Resources
• Partnerships with Israeli Reform Congregations
• Invitations to ARZA Trips to Israel

ARZA’s Impact
Your membership helps provide direct financial support for the Reform Movement & its congregations in Israel.

Participants in the ACC Retirement Plan may find the Annual Contribution Calculation Form for download here.

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