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Professional development stands at the very core of the work of the American Conference of Cantors. Continuous learning and collaboration with colleagues is fundamental to the long term career success of any cantor. 

February 26, 2018: 1:00pm ET - 2:00pm E
Musicology, Nusach

“In acts of genuine expression, what goes on between the soul of man and the word of prayer is more than an act of employment, of using words as if they were tools. Here the soul and the word react upon each other; the word is a creative force.
Words are not made of paper.

"Words of prayer are repositories of the spirit...

April 30, 2018: E - May 1, 2018: E
Liturgy, Nusach

Chaired by Cantor Alicia Stillman and Rabbi Zach Shapiro on behalf of the ACC and CCAR. 

Hosted by Temple Beth Sholom • 4144 Chase Avenue • Miami Beach, FL 33140

This extremely popular and meaningful program between rabbis and cantors continues with a focus this year on the ways in which we enhance the High Holy Day experience for...