Welcome to the American Conference of Cantors Placement Department!

Selection of a Cantor by a congregation is a critical and sensitive task with far-reaching implications for the character, spirit, effectiveness, and success of a congregation, as well as for the career of the selected Cantor. It should involve participation of all constituencies of the congregational community and be conducted according to careful procedures and with mutual respect and courtesy for the Cantor and congregation.

The relationship between an ordained or certified Cantor and a congregation has a spiritual dimension that transcends the usual employee-employer association. It is grounded in the history of our people as well as in the shared, sacred experiences and events in the lives of our congregants.

The relationship between an ordained or certified Cantor and an ordained Rabbi is one which is forged in a shared vision for congregational communities. Both deploy their gifts in an effort to transmit our Jewish heritage, enrich worship and create opportunities for the performance of mitzvot.

The Placement Department of the American Conference of Cantors is devoted to making shidduchim between congregations and Cantors. Our goal is that these covenantal relationships grow and prosper over the years.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns during the course of your search. 

  • Cantor Kay Greenwald (for matters relating to candidates, placement support, general inquiries) (650)
  • Cantor Gail Hirschenfang (for matters relating to salary, retirement, benefits, contracts) 845-559-3818,
  • ACC Placement Office (for administrative questions, website issues) 847-781-7800,

JCPC Guidelines for Cantorial-Congregational Relationships